Restore Your Natural Balance With Gardening

I tiptoe through the chilly wet grass in soggy flipflops and an old robe before the sun rises in late summer. My dogs happily pace at my heels. The last of the peppers, eggplant, and green beans hang expectantly. This fall’s next leafy green rock stars are protected from rabbits with a light cloth. It’s the best time of day.

NC Collards

Our hard driving digital lives often seem to leave us disconnected, tired, and sleepless. For most, it’s hard to remember a time when we weren’t tied to our cell phones and laptops. That leaves us far removed from the healthy order of seasons and the natural world.

A healthy balance is so much more than the length of time between a Halloween party and Thanksgiving.

I’ve embraced year round gardening as my way of connecting with the natural world daily. My passion for gardening began over 25 years ago with a small yearly summer garden. A few years ago, I began experimenting with year round gardening.

The obvious benefits of gardening are the end result of all your effort, the lovely vegetables. But there’s so much more at work here.

  • Stretching out all our cramped, cell phone using muscles.
  • Salivating with anticipation for the first taste of summer tomato.
  • Hearing the bees move from flowering buds that will grace your table with squash.
  • Seeing the color explosion of an overflowing basket of vegetables.
  • Feeling the daily weather.
  • Waking up with anticipation.
Morning garden haul

Can you see where I’m going with this?

There’s a deep physical, emotional, and mental healing that takes place here. It sneaks in without you realizing it.

When we spend time in the natural world, balance occurs. It forces us to be aware of what’s happening in the moment, accept the things we can’t control, enjoy the mystery of how things work, and practice gratitude.

  • At this moment, I have dog poop on at least half my shoes.
  • I can’t fool the rabbits for long with a cloth cover over their lovely breakfast of greens.
  • My new raspberry bush is producing fruit in mid-September??
  • I’m grateful for my dinner that I grew myself.

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