Watch My Garden Grow!

Fall is the perfect time to expand your garden. I’m really excited The Edible Backyard is growing to include two new raised beds and a wooden picket fence!

I’m a firm believer in scaling up the size of your garden as time, resources, and desire permit. I started with a very small, summer garden about 5’X10′ many years ago. Later I created a 8’X8′ raised bed, and then a second one a year later. These worked well for many years.

After doing some research, I slowly added 3 more growing beds sized 4’X8′. These were a lot easier to plant and maintain, plus you don’t have to walk in them.

These 5 relatively small garden beds grow a surprising amount of food all year long! With the type of soil base I create using the Lasagna Method, I can plant the seedlings close together. This also helps reduce weeds.

My biggest problem has been the fencing. Originally, we used some wire fencing about 4 feet high attached to metal posts. It was inexpensive, but a poor choice. Not only did the rabbits get in, but my two wonderful Labrador Retrievers reeked havoc on the fence and the garden trying to chase out the rabbits!

The Original Wire Fence

It was way too easy for all these 4 legged friends to come and go as they pleased. My garden became a daily buffet for the rabbits and a gleeful chase for the dogs.

The dogs favorite entry point

My wonderful husband and son spent a few days fixing this problem for me. We rented an auger to create the holes for the posts

My husband and son use an auger to dig the post holes.

I chose a wooden picket fence just because I love the way it looks. We’ll add some rabbit fencing to the inside. They also made it large enough for me to add two more 4’x8′ raised beds.

The original red painted gate for my garden was made from the re-purposed ends of an old baby crib purchased at Goodwill. I really wanted to keep it, so they moved it for me.

New Garden Fence almost finished
The new fence and garden expansion will increase my edible backyard production by allowing me to:
  • use fish fertilizer (that was an enticing scent for the dogs)
  • lose less seedlings to rabbits
  • explore some new crops with the added garden beds
  • grow fruits like raspberries around the exterior of a more solid structure

I feel like my beloved garden has a real home now!

Next up…the creation of my two new lasagna beds. In my next garden post, I’ll show you how easy it is to create a no maintenance organic garden bed that really produces results.

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Happy Gardening!