Welcome to The Edible Backyard!

I created The Edible Backyard to share my gardening ideas and plant based cooking recipes with you. Since 2014, I’ve been able to grow vegetables in my small backyard during all 4 seasons!

My name is Haynes Meritt, and I love bringing my own organic garden veggies and fruits to the table in delicious plant based recipes.

My garden started small many years ago and gradually expanded. For many years, I only grew a small amount of seasonal vegetables in the summer. Now I grow an abundance of vegetables all year long using easy techniques I’ll share with you in this blog.

First, I created my own garden layout with raised beds using the lasagna method to build healthy, organic soil with almost no weeding.

Next, I researched different inexpensive ways to extend my garden production into all 4 seasons. I also created my own personal planting calendar and vegetable placement guide. This helps me know what and where I need to plant next at a glance.

Collards in mini greenhouse tunnel

The fun part is walking outside to my backyard to pick my dinner and sharing food with my extended family and friends. My grandson loves to help his “YaYa” in the garden every week. He really enjoys eating the green beans, peas, and tomatoes right off the plant!

I’m going to show you how incredibly easy it is to create a small garden that produces an amazing amount of food all year long no matter where you live!

I’ve created a garden planner PDF with the information you need to easily create your own delicious year round garden. My free planner includes finding your planting zone, first and last frost dates for your specific location, a planting time table for over 30 vegetables and herbs, and a garden planner you can print. You can learn more about my Garden Planner here.

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Happy Gardening!